Sweetener Sticks


Equal Sweetener Sticks are perfect for coffee, iced tea, and other drinks. Each stick quickly dissolves in hot or cold drinks, and sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar.

It is also ideal for sprinkling over your cereal, fruit salad or other foods to add a little extra sweetness.

At Home or Away

Equal sticks are available at your closest retailer in quantities of 50 or 100 sticks.

For your convenience you can also find it on the table at your favorite restaurants and coffee shops.

Equal Stick -Sugar Conversions:

Equal Sticks/ sachets
1/2 stick1 teaspoon
1 stick2 teaspoons
1 ½ stick1 tablespoon
6 stick1/4 cup
8 sticks1/3 cup
12 sticks1/2 cup
24 sticks1 cup


Dextrose, aspartame (non-nutritive sweetener), anticaking agent (silicon dioxide)

Kilojoule value:

12 kJ per serving

Typical Nutritional Information (As packed):

Serving size: 1 stick/ sachet 0.8g
Per 100g
Per single serving
Energy1526 kJ12 kJ
Protein2.1g< 0.1g
Glycaemic Carbohydrate
Of which total sugar
Total fat
Of which saturated fat
< 0.1g
< 0.1g
< 0.01g
< 0.01g
Dietary fibre< 0.1g< 0.01g
Total Sodium< 100mg< 1mg