Sweetener Tablets


Equal Sweetener Tablets add sweetness to your hot drinks anytime, anywhere so that you can still enjoy a delicious, sweet taste without the calories. Equal Tablets are perfect for coffee, iced tea, and other drinks.

At Home or Away

Equal tablets are available at your closest retailer in quantities of 100, 300 and a fabulous, value for money 500 refill pack. All Equal tablet containers can be refilled.

Equal Tablet-Sugar Conversions:

Equal Tablets
1 tablet1 teaspoon
2 tablets2 teaspoons 


Lactose (from cow’s milk), aspartame (non-nutritive sweetener), leucine, emulsifier (cross linked CMC)

Kilojoule value:

0.7 kJ per serving

Typical Nutritional Information (As packed):

Serving size: 1 tablet  45mg
Per 100g
Per single serving
Energy1517 kJ0.7 kJ
Glycaemic Carbohydrate
Of which total sugar
Total fat
Of which saturated fat
< 0.1g
< 0.1g
< 0.01g
< 0.01g
Dietary fibre3.7g< 0.01g
Total Sodium310mg< 0.2mg